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1. No hate sites, no warez, MP3s or illegal content. We care about our visitors, so you should follow the rules, if you want to check whether your content is suitable for us, professional test taker will prepare the criteria for you.

2. Adult Content / Mature subject is allowed as long as it is not pornographic or against the law and properly rated so the viewer is warned fully.

3. All sites must be properly rated from G to NC 17. Fanfiction stories must have the ratings on the page where the link to go to the story is at:

EX: Your story title.
AuthorÂ’s name: Your name here.
Rating: What rating it should be?
Warning: violence, rape, murder, incest or whatever the story contains.
Summary: Your one or two line summary of your story.

4. No videos of movies allowed.

5. No Multi Level Marketing schemes.

6. Sites must be in English or French.

7. No resale of service. You agree not to reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell or trade, resell or exploit for any commercial purposes, any portion of the Service, use of the Service, or access to the Service.

8. Fanfiction realm holds no copyright over a clientÂ’s material or files. If any material or files violate the TOS the account will be terminated. Any money paid before account is terminated is forfeited.

9. The client is totally responsible for the content on his or her site. Fanfiction Realm holds no responsibility whatsoever.

10. Fanfiction Realm reserves the right to change or modify the Terms of Service without prior warning.

Any violation of the rules, will result in a warning e-mail first and if the violation is not removed within 24 hours of the warning being sent, the site will be removed and then any money paid to the hostess for the account is forfeited.

If you see any abuse of any part of this TOS, please report it quickly, to .

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